Polcopharma is an importer & distributor of quality herbal remedies, homeopathic, baby care products and massage oils & lotions from industry leaders in Germany. On 22nd Feb. 2007, Polcopharma celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Polcopharma was founded in 1957 by the late Mr Fritz Polley and Mrs Ruth Polley, at the time recent immigrants from Germany they established a small office and warehouse in the backyard of the family home. The business started to import products such as SOLAURIT Gold Drops, ODOL mouthwash, and ROHA Herbal teas.

Over the years Polcopharma has developed a reputation for quality in both service and in products, all of which are still around today. Polcopharma has always been maintained as a proprietary company and since the sad passing of Mr Fritz Polley in 1991 and Mrs Ruth Polley in 2013 it has been managed by their only son, Reinhard Polley. 
The company continues its active promotion of the vital role of natural therapies in health care, supporting various natural therapy associations, such as the Proprietary Medicines Association and the CHC, Complimentary Health-care Council (formerly the NFAA).

Our range of products has expanded beyond our base of Roha herbal teas and natural therapies from Buerlecithin, our Penaten baby care range, to include skin care products from Glysolid, and quality massage therapy, bath and skin care products from Pino./ Liquiderma