Price List

Dear Polcopharma customers
We wish to announce that our prices have not increased from 1st July 2012, and with ever-increasing costs of importing products such as the falling Australian Dollar, overseas freight, customs duty / clearance etc, we will have no alternative but to increase our prices once again soon. We will formulate these increases over the coming months according to price increases from our European suppliers and Australia's inflation rate over the past three years.
The new prices will come into effect as of 1st January 2016, so get your orders in before Xmas to avoid the price hikes

Yours faithfully
Reinhard Polley
Managing Director

Please print out our price list, fill in the order form or PDF and email it to us at or mail it to us at P.O. Box 920 Gladesville N.S.W 1675
or fax (02) 9807 1408

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